Specialising in hand crafted heavy tackle lures and dredge teasers. With many years of experience in the game fishing industry, our team OTS Lures are passionate about the sport and helping our customers land their dream catch.

Our dredge teasers and lures were designed specifically for ease of use for those just starting out in fishing, right through to the most experienced anglers.

Built with all boats in mind, from trailer boats to sport fishers.

Luke has chased game fishing his whole life. He was born and raised in the North Island of New Zealand and fished both the East and West Coasts of the North Island growing up. He still has family in the Bay of Islands and Auckland and returns there to visit family and the fishing regularly.

He later moved to Western Australia and worked and fished in the North West, before being lured to Cairns for the Black Marlin industry.

This is where Luke learnt the art of lure making. He later used his skills and product knowledge to apply this to the dredge flap/teaser market.

Luke loves Cairns and loves to fish ‘Off The Shelf’…which brought about the name ‘OTS Lures’

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